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Crops category: Green

Royal Anastasia

Fresh: Pink | Classic: Green, Red









Royal Anastasia blue

Fresh: Blue Purple | Classic: Green, Purple

Royal Kiss

Fresh: Pink | Classic: Green, Dark Red

Royal Princess

Fresh: White | Classic: bicolor Green, Dark Pink

Royal Queen

Fresh: Purple | Classic: bicolor Bronze, Green, Purple

Royal Surprise

Fresh: Pink, White bicolor | Classic: Green, Dark pink bicolor

Royal Surprise blue

Fresh: Blue, White bicolor | Classic: Grey, Green bicolor



Royal Highness

Fresh: wit | Classic: green

Royal Amigo

Fresh: Pink, Green

Royal Amigo Blue

Fresh: Blue, green

Royal Grandeur

Fresh: softpink | Classic: pink, green

Royal Grandeur Blue

Fresh: softblue | Classic: blue, green

Royal Love

Fresh: pink | Classic: pink/green

Royal Supreme blue

Fresh: Soft blue | Classic: green with purple edge

Royal Supreme

Fresh: Soft pink | Classic: green with pink/red edge

Royal Memory blue

Fresh: blue | Classic: green/purple

Royal Memory

Fresh: pink | Classic: green/pink

Royal Symphony

Fresh: Pink | Classic: Green with pink/red edges

Royal Symphony blue

Fresh: Blue| Classic: Green with purple/red edges

Royal Salute

Fresh: Pink | Classic: green with pink edge

Royal Salute blue

Fresh: Blue/purple | Classic: green with purple edge









Royal Sunset

Fresh: bright pink | Classic: green with deep pink edges

Royal Sunset blue

Fresh: lilac | Classic: lilac/green to red