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De Kwakel, April 2024 – This season, HBA is conducting several trials in hydrangea for cut flower production. These include a trial with biostimulants, an old wood trial to provide flowers early in the season, and various pinching trials where we pinch HBA varieties early or late in the growing season. We are also increasingly implementing biological crop protection in our cultivation strategy.

The knowledge we gain from these trials is shared with our growers who have HBA Royal varieties in their greenhouses. At regular intervals, we send them informative articles via direct mailing. Additionally, during Flower Trials week, we are hosting the Hydrangea Night for invited guests on Thursday evening, June 13th.

By sharing knowledge, we aim to further develop cut hydrangea cultivation together.

If you are curious about our HBA hydrangeas, the follow up of the trials or if you didn’t receive an invitation for the HBA Hydrangea Night on June 13th, please contact Jaap Stelder. He is happy to inform you. Contact him at 0031 6 514 08 341 or